Curriculum Introduction & Statements

At Ilsington C of E Primary School, the teaching team work closely together to discuss the needs of the children and to set out the priorities for the academic year ahead. Please find attached a copy of our school’s priorities poster and Recovery Curriculum.

Ilsington CE Primary’ School’s Recovery Curriculum

At Ilsington as our children return to fulltime school after many have been away for up to six months, we have given a great deal of thought as to how to integrate them carefully and sensitively back into school life again. As a team we have worked together to consider the needs of the children in our individual setting and have designed a “Recovery Curriculum”. All of the classes have enjoyed using their copy of the book “Here We Are “ by Oliver Jeffers as their starting point.


We wanted to ensure a continued focus on physical activity, outside learning and creativity, to ensure that we provided many opportunities for children to be able to express their thoughts, feelings  and anxieties around their experiences this year during lockdown and on returning to school.

The feedback we have had from children and their families has been very positive and we feel confident that our children are adapting well to the change back into school. This has provided us with a good foundation to begin building up from as we start to focus in on the Prime areas in EYFS and the Core subjects in the rest of the school as we move further into the autumn term.

We will continue to post pictures and videos of your children’s learning throughout the term so that you can share in their enjoyment and successes.

Skills, Knowledge and Understanding.

To ensure that we teach a broad and balanced curriculum, we follow the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for the eleven statutory Primary school subjects :
English, Maths, Science, Physical Education, History, Geography, Music, Art and Design, Computing, Languages and Design Technology.

Our Topic based approach

Much of our teaching and learning takes place within a topic based curriculum approach. The planning for different topics across the year for each class is shown in the attached document "Our Topic based Curriculum".