Our Ethos & Values

We are a voluntary controlled Church of England school, belonging to the Diocese of Exeter. This means that we have close links to our local church (which is opposite the school!) as well as being part of the local and wider community.

Each day children and staff partake in acts of Collective Worship that are Christian in character.
Parents do have the statutory right under Section 71 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 to withdraw their children from RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship but we really do encourage all children to be part of these times as they are fundamental to building our school community.

We worship weekly in our beautiful church with Reverend David, as well as celebrating key festivals such as harvest, Easter and Christmas with our parents and local community.

Our Christian Values

Each half term, we focus on a different Christian Value, explicitly through our collective worship time, but also through our curriculum. Children have regular opportunities to reflect on each value and to develop an understanding of the value in action. 

The Values we explore and strive to live by are:

Friendship, Kindness, Honesty, Resilience, Respect & Compassion. 

Our school’s Christian values are underpinned by the knowledge that all children are loved equally by God a belief in the need for equity for all.