Owlacombe Class (Yr 4,5 & 6)

Years 4, 5 and 6 are in Owlacombe and they taught by Mrs Laura Billington and Mrs McCarthy. 

Owlacombe went to the woods for their English lesson and spent some time creating noun phrases to describe the woods as a setting. We have taken one description from every child to create this lovely poem.


Our Woods

The woods, ancient and constant, a habitat, a playground

We listen, we see, we feel:

The shivering of the leaves

The shattered glow of the sun as it peeks through the leaves

The squelch of the mud

The dancing of the trees

The crackling of the leaves, the crunch of the leaves

The snap of sticks

The sophisticated language of the wind

The spike of the holly

The shadows of the trees causing the cold to surround us

The trickle of water grasping at the hill

The glint of sunlight peeking through the majestic trees

The almost silent breeze as it passes through the leaves sounds like a dream

The twinkle of the sun

The tweets of the birds singing

The buzz of the hornets, the hostile hornets

The brightness of the sun

The sound of the rushing river

The whisper of the trees as the wind blows through


Our woods, ancient and constant.


Owlacombe Class

1st October 2020

Owlacombe are really proud of their stone age house creations!

In RE this week, Owlacombe having been learning about Samsara – the cycle of life, death and rebirth – by creating a version of Snakes and Ladders.

 “We wrote examples of good deeds and bad deeds on cards so we could play a game of Snakes and Ladders. If you went onto a snake,  you read a red card which was when someone hadn’t followed advice and did something wrong and if you landed at the top of a ladder, you picked up a green card which showed how someone had done their duty (dharma) and followed advice. As you moved up the game board, this is like doing good things in life and getting close to Moksha - escaping the cycle of rebirth.” Owlacombe

Owlacombe are really getting into writing and Mrs BIllington is so proud of their hard work. They have been learning how to use fronted adverbials, modal verbs and a variety of subordinating conjunctions to improve the quality of their work. You may have no idea what these are, but the children are using them brilliantly!

Here is a short extract from a Year 6 story:

For eight years, the child lived with the hunter and his merry wife. As the setting sun cast its iridescent beams across the maroon bracken-covered hills, the child found himself alone. The hunter had set off on his nightly  hunt and the hunter’s wife was tending to the small flock of hardy sheep high up on the moor. The child was watching the sky larks flitting around when something caught his eye. He walked over and picked it up. It was a small lump of glinting silver.

Owlacombe are a very busy class - have a look at their learning journey so far this year:

Owlacombe had a fabulous afternoon at their Christmas-themed marble party on Friday! They chose to do crafts and games and had the most wonderful time which they really deserved! I am very proud of you Owlacombe! After an amazing Autumn Term, here’s to a superb Spring Term! Merry Christmas from Mrs Billington

Owlacombe had to write a poem about their favourite place. Joe wrote this wonderful poem. It's called 'No Limits':

 No Limits

My mind has no limits

Like the skies from side to side

The smell of Science

The laughter of friends

As imagination flows

The murmur of Maths

And all the rest

My mind has no limits

And no-one can stop that.