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Owlacombe Class (Yr 5 & 6)

Years 5 and 6 are in Owlacombe and they taught by Mrs Laura Billington and Mrs McCarthy. 
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With many restrictions on the sharing of equipment, it was hard last year to carry out any practical Science experiments but we are making up for it now! This week, we were investigating whether it is possible to get salt back from a solution once it has dissolved. The children unanimously predicted that it wouldn’t be and that the salt would evaporate with the water if we heated it. We tried it out and discovered that the salt does actually stay in the bowl, albeit in just a rim around the edge. This is because salt cannot evaporate. We then moved on to look at other mixtures and discussed how we might separate them. Imagine you were a soldier in WW2 and your battalion got lost. You were desperate for a drink and came across a muddy stream. How could you make the water more drinkable? Megan had the great suggestion of using your sock and filtering out the mud. We gave it a go (with a paper towel rather than a sock!) and were surprised by how clear the water became. We then tried to separate these mixtures: raisins in flour, paper clips and rice, and sand and water. What would you do? The photos show what we tried.

What we are learning this term: 
We are really thankful to the Link Academy Trust and to our local community for investing in our IT especially now that we have a super fibreoptic connection. It has all made such a difference to what we are capable of achieving. As part of work on systems and networks, we all able to access a shared file on Teams and edit it on Scratch. Next we are moving on to vector drawing using Google Drawings
One of our PE units is Health and Fitness. We started it off by doing a series of tests which give a baseline score by which to check improvement by Christmas. They involved press ups, squats, balancing like a stork, tennis ball catch left hand to right hand and vice versa, reaction time test with a ruler drop, stamina run, speed sprints and an agility course. All the children did brilliantly and really put in 100% effort