Ilsington Primary School Tour
If you are thinking about finding a place for your child, we would love to meet you and to show you around our school. 
Why not give the school a ring or email our administrator Mrs Penny Amos, to arrange a visit?
Meanwhile, you might like to use this SWAY video to take a virtual tour of our newly refurbished school - click the link below and come on in and have a look around!
Go to this Sway
Follow the link to find out about our lovely pre- school Woodhouse.  Where the magic happens!
We are delighted to be able to share some of the feedback we have been given by families using our pre-school it means a great deal to us that they feel that their children are feeling safe, nurtured and happy and that they can see that they are thriving during their time in Woodhouse.
Our child absolutely loves attending Woodhouse pre-school.
Woodhouse Pre-school is a delight. The fantastic staff have so much heart and truly care about the children. It's wonderful seeing our child getting so excited about Pre-school

...the transition on to Reception Class in September has been made easy thanks to the preschool's attachment to the main school and our child couldn't be more excited for this next phase of their education.


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